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Angeldust v2.3

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Angeldust v2.3 is coming out today; you will need this free update to be able to play online. Download links are available on the right side of the Angeldust website.

This version introduces new creature levels: the more players are together, the tougher creatures will be. You receive extra coins for killing and discovering these levels. So, get as many of your friends together and explore the game world. You can view your discovered levels on the Angeldust website.

You will now also receive in-game notifications when someone has sent you a private message or friend request via the website. Nifty!

I've also polished the game a lot, it now plays and runs better than ever. There's many fixes and improvements all throughout the game, I'm sure you'll notice some of them right away. Older devices (like iPhone 3GS) run the game about two times as smoothly as before!

With all of the latest features, Angeldust is even more fun to play than ever before! So, get the update and start playing. Now!

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